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(no subject)  
08:41am 11/04/2007
Boo.... so a program that was coming up at work just went to another engineer.  I can't help but be bummed even though I probably wouldn't be able to multi-task on three programs like that.  I was really interested in this one too! :-(  I'm starting to not like my Non-Lethal program... I'm wondering if it's the complete responsibility (of not fucking up) or the annoying as hell people I have to deal with, but regardless my headaches are getting annoying as hell.  My vision is blurry and my head is throbbing.  I need to prepare for my debriefing tomorrow which in other words will be a bitch fest.  
There really isn't anything else to prepare for it.  I've gone over the technical evaluation like 45 times and nothing is changing other than wording.  Maybe I'll do a mock presentation tonight.  HAHA Who am I kidding....
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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(no subject)
04:18pm 11/04/2007 (UTC)
Rose Doe: Animal - Tommy - Lick it
OMG JB! You sounded like a grown up! Stop it!
picword: Animal - Tommy - Lick it
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