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The Leatherneck  
12:12pm 06/04/2007

So he hasn't texted me since Tuesday, so I'm thinking he was just after some play.  **Sigh.... oh well.  I'm better off I know, but it still is disappointing.  I'd like for once a guy to be interested in me for more than just a booty call. 

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09:24am 02/04/2007
I've been addicted to postsecret.com.  I sent something in too.  I think it helped. 
This is one I like a lot today.... I guess it's reassuring others have problems.  Especially problems that they inadvertantly let happen to themselves again and again.
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11:25am 29/03/2007

I have another headache.... big surprise.  I have a presentation for one of my last 2 grad classes tonight.  I also have a brief tomorrow, so I'm hoping my headache is stress released and will go away tonight/tomorrow(at the latest)

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12:50pm 28/03/2007

I'm going to try this again.  I think this might be helpful in just continuing to talk about things in life.

I love Kat.  Whenever I see her we hug and it's great because I don't have much physical interaction right now.... partially because I'm not interested in it.  But it's still something that you miss when you're without general affection.  I got lots of hugs this weekend with my family.  My mom had a conference in
Seattle, so my dad, brother and I joined her.  It was a lot of fun.  We went to the Space Needle, the Farmers Market, a bus tour of the city, a Boeing Tour, the San Juan Islands

I also got to see Arash, so I was happy.  It's been about 3 or so years since I've seen him.  Its so funny how you have friends in life that time passes on and you lose touch.  Some you talk to every so often.  There are some when you run into one another you think of all the old times and are sad because it's obviously much different not.  And then there are some you think back upon any memories with this person and you're filled with happiness because even though time has gone by.... it doesn't seem weird.    These are the relationships I cherish with my friends.


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Busy Busy  
08:24pm 09/02/2004
So I've gotten a lot done today. Spent the night at Ben's last night which was nice because I actually slept. Got to love Sonata sleeping pills for the insomniac. Came home and got ready for the day. Went over to campus early to do some homework, which turned into doing ASME work. I'll write a journal about ASME at another time. Had two classes, Kinematics and Thermodynamics of Fluid Flow. Then I had lunch with two of my gyrlies, Jessica and Kristen. That was fun, haven't done that in awhile. Then I came home to get a package from my rents with some V-day stuff and general things they send me showing they love me.
Of course my day would not be complete without me worrying about my involvement in Grand Challenge. Had our usual Monday meeting and I decided I hate my team since I seriously feel they dispise me because I have breasts and a vagina. BLAH!
Of course the night wouldn't be complete without massive more amounts of ASME work and my brother was on TV tonight! He's on a show called 'IN A FIX' on TLC during the week at 7! So you should check it out.
Well I abhor entries that tell my daily life, so I shall try not to do them very often. I like others like my random rain comment the other day. That's more me.

I'm off to do more work before the Inferno comes on at 10pm! I love Real World/Road Rules drama! Hehe, night all
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12:23pm 06/02/2004
I used to like rain. I'd love to curl up in a ball on my bed when it was raining. With a good book, or watch a movie. It would relax me and I could nap or just sit and think about my life, my friends, etc. No I think I don't like rain. Probably because it's raining right now and it's just a big annoyance. As the rain falls, it hits the nice sheet of ice on the ground. And it makes my life difficult. Trying to get to my car without falling on my ass, and trying to get my car out of my spot without smashing into another car. That is always fun. But right now I'm off, to go meet some friends. And to try to get to my car without falling on my ass, or hitting something.
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