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10:34am 18/09/2007
Wow, I'm pretty teary today. It’s been going on for longer than I’d like to admit. Each relationship failure just further confuses me and makes me wonder. What am I doing wrong? I’ve felt lately that maybe I’m evil or cruel. There are situations where I don’t like a person, for whatever reason, and I have friends who make me feel like I’m being wrong for not liking an individual. What I don’t get is I have some great friends. Some people are absolutely MEAN to these great friends, so I’m not friendly to these mean people. Yet my friends are willing to be NICE to the exact people who’re mean TO THEM! Then I feel like I’m a bitch for not being friendly. Maybe I shouldn’t give a shit anymore. Just let these mean people treat my friends like crap and I’ll continue to be nice to these mean people and talk to them.

That’s so not me.

It’s also funny how some people can warn you about others and you don’t really listen. You’ll have to make huge mistakes for yourself and get hurt…. To see maybe they were right.

It’s also funny how you can try and guard yourself from hurt by alienating yourself from certain people and avoid certain relationships…. Yet you still wind up getting hurt anyway.
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11:24am 19/09/2007 (UTC)
yeah i feel the same way.....
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