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07:43am 07/06/2007

Ok yeah it's been awhile...

I don’t know, I'm annoyed with people in my group.  I’m tired of being the one everyone bitches to about their work problems (in my group).  It’s annoying especially when someone bitches about how busy they are.  The you’re constantly aware of how much fucking time in a day they waste talking to this person for 2 hours, this person for 3, another here for 2….. no wonder YOU can’t get your job done, DUH.  I mean, I KNOW I spend time during the day to not work, to de-stress a bit, so I can focus later, like I am right now by venting… But, come on…. 5 minutes here and there is totally different from 3 2-hour gossiping sessions throughout the day….  What makes matters worse is that in this situation, I got more work because someone was ‘too busy’ and didn’t have the time to work on the program.  So I’ve got another 2 programs to my load and they’re minus some, but still waste ¾ of the day doing jack shit.

If you spent ¼ of the time you normally do on e-mailing, surfing the web, staring blanking at your monitor, and ¼ of the time f-n gossiping you could get all of what your job entails DONE…  THEN you wouldn’t have to come bitch to me about it.


I guess part of what is making me even MORE emotional is knowing my dad has some malignant tumors that he needs to get removed… like 12 of them.  That’s not going over very well considering my mom already had cancer removed from her lung and she still smokes.  I have a gyno appt for tomorrow and I have the same usual worry.  Will this time be the time the results come back abnormal again and I get to have another bioposy?  Ugh……  







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